Bellissimo Family Restaurant guests may expect to hear seagulls-crying and waves-crashing in the distance rather than the busy traffic of down-town Bel Air, Maryland.
Our dining area features hand-painted wall murals reminiscent of Greek or Italian landscapes.Everything about our dining experience is extraordinary.

Every member of our friendly, professional staff will ensure that the guest will wish to return again and again.

The menu at Bellissimo Family Restaurant emphasizes Mediterranean cuisine by consistently featuring fresh seafood, fresh vegetables, flavored with fresh herbs and spices

Happy Hour, 7 Days a week.
Our variety of pasta dishes are served with sauces made-to-order; and excellent cuts of chops and steaks.Our menu includes authentic Maryland fare including Maryland Crab Cakes, Maryland Crab Soup.

Some of our must-try dishes include Coconut Shrimp, Crab Dip, Crab Cake Bellissimo, eighteen-ounce T-bone Steak, Lamb Chops (Lollipops), and Lean Italian-style Pork Chops.

Every item on our menu is reasonably priced and includes generous portions.Guests enjoy finishing their meals with homemade desserts including Tiramisu, Baklava, and a warm brownie sundae.